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FlashscanHD services for 8mm and Super-8 film

Service Output Cost per Foot
Standard-Silent Edit: 720p24 Prores(HQ) $0.40
  Edit: 720p24 4:2:2 /10bit Uncompressed $0.46
  Edit: 720p24 Prores(HQ) + Access: Playable DVD $0.55
Standard-Sound Edit: 720p24 Prores(HQ) $0.48
  Edit: 720p24 4:2:2 /10bit Uncompressed $0.55
  Edit: 720p24 Prores(HQ) + Access: Playable DVD $0.63
Fresh Film (Silent Only) Edit: HD 720p24 Prores(HQ) $0.29
  Edit: HD 720p24 4:2:2 /10bit Uncompressed $0.36
Note: Footage is counted in 50-foot increments per element and we will not transfer only sections of reels, i.e.: we will not accept a request to transfer "only the last 50 feet of a reel."
*Minimum charge for any film transfer project is $44.00

Our FlashscanHD Transfer Options

Movette Film Transfer is focused on making quality small gauge film digitization accessible to individuals and institutions.

Utilizing MWA-Nova's FlashscanHD for 8mm and Super-8 Sound and Silent film we provide output to 720p (HD) editable, archivable 4:2:2 10-bit files as Prores422HQ or uncompressed QuickTime files.

We offer two basic service options: "Standard" (Silent or Sound) and "Fresh Film" (Silent Only).

Please note that we rely on our client to provide storage media (typically USB 3.0 external hard drive) to load the output files onto. For the FlashscanHD's 720p output, storage requirements can be roughly estimated as 10GB per 100 feet for Prores422HQ output or 70GB per 100 feet for Uncompressed QuickTime output. We will load up to 2 hard drives with no additional data handling charges.

Standard Transfer (Silent or Sound)

This service utilizes our years of film expertise to ensure the safe handling of your precious film.

All film transferred under our Standard service is hand cleaned with Solvon film cleaning solvent, broken or suspect splices are repaired and the film is assessed on the bench prior to transfer.

Your film then goes from our film benches to the FlashscanHD for digitization. The FlashscanHD utilizes a laser perforation sensor for frame registration and does not have any sprockets or pulldown claws to transport the film. The film path includes only PTRs for dust removal and rollers for positioning and tension control, making this among the safest method of digitizing 8mm and Super-8 film.

In addition to superior film handling, the FlashscanHD also produces great picture and sound reproduction and allows us to control the lamphouse color balance so we can optimize the image before it is digitized. Output from the FlashscanHD is captured via HDSDI with an AJA Kona LHi card as 720p Prores422(HQ) (or Uncompressed 4:2:2 10-bit on request) on a Final Cut Pro work station. This purely digital signal path and extremely high-quality capture codec provide high-quality picture and sound for your final files.

For Regular 8mm and Super-8 sound film the FlashscanHD is a huge step forward. MWA-Nova, the manufacturer of the FlashscanHD has been in the professional film-sound business since 1947 and these years of audio expertise are showcased in the FlashscanHD. We know of no higher quality magnetic stripe sound reproduction available for these gauges.

Fresh Film Transfer (Silent Only)

The "Fresh Film" rate is made available to students and enthusiasts bringing us film straight from the lab.

We assume fresh film to be clean, unedited, and ready for transfer. We perform only a cursory bench check on this film and are therefore able to offer this significantly reduced rate.

Obviously edited, projected or old film is not eligible for this rate.

Other Film Gauges

We will soon be annoucing next-generation scanning technology for other film gauges. Return to this site or follow @movettefilm on Twitter for updates and announcements